Project : Luminox Space Shuttle

Requirement: To assemble the space shuttle, hoist it & to attach on a stand that is 14f high with a tilted plate with a 1f by 1f dimension After the event, to bring down the space shuttle & export to Brunei
Venue: Mid Valley Center Court
Move in/Out: Thur 12 am / Sun 12 am

  • Challenges Faced
    • Strict Security & Safety Standards by Venue.
      • Safety of customer & surrounding outlets
      • Had to attend many safety & security briefing
      • Limited parking space. We had to wait for the other expo to wrap up & move out. There were many trucks queuing & this was not the loading bay
    • Height of front door entrance 9f & limited floor pay load.
      • Therefore we can only bring in a 3t forklift with low mast 9f & below. Max height required to hoist the space shuttle is roughly 20f
      • Since operation is inside the mall only battery operated forklift allowed. (This limits the lifting capacity)
      • We were required to lay Floor Protection for 200m floor space
    • If this was an outdoor event, all we needed is a cargo crane & would not have been an uphill task to complete
  • How did we face of the challenges
    • Extensive safety briefing by our safety officer
    • Covered the entire path way with special plywood & metal 10mm plate & Styrofoam nylon padding
    • We modified a boom extension on an inverted fork prior to engineer requirements on compulsive safety lifting method If no extension, it would have been impossible to hoist the space shuttle and place it to the inverter
    • Well trained & experienced crew to operate the forklift with extended tailor made boom
    • The biggest challenge is to stabilize the 800kg space shuttle & to a affix it on the tilted steel plate. After numerous attempt, with patients & precisions our experienced team we able to do it
  • How many manpower
    20 men split into 3 teams and 2 supervisors & 1 senior supervisor
    Supervisor 1 Full comply safety methods & OSHA compliance
    Supervisor 2 Ensuring moving in & equipment with full Coordination in order
    Senior Supervisor – Fully control on equipment reliability , time constraint , method used and responsibility on timely manner completion.
    1st team used for unloading, 2nd team for moving in & 3rd team for assembling & hoisting the shuttle
  • What would have happen if done by unskilled & inexperience mover
    • We were allowed to start work at 1 am & we had to move out by 7 am that leaves us with 6 hours. We completed within the hours given.
    • You really need expertise to study the challenges & find ways to overcome it. We studied the situation & knew the key was the extended boom. There was no practice session. We can only know on the actual day
    • Having said so, an inexperience mover could have missed the completion dateline & there could have been massive chaos.
  • Planning
    Our project team had 1 week planning lead time

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