Felix Expo Logistics Sdn Bhd has the necessary experience and assets in place. Our key personnel are industry experts with minimum of 25 years of experience in handling the transport and delivery of project cargoes for Oil & Gas majors, power companies and industrial clients in the domestic and international sectors.

Through the use of high-end software for planning of heavy lift cargo, space optimization and scheduling of chartered vessels, Felix Expo Logistics is able to provide cost effective solutions to our customers while ensuring that all key objectives for the customer is fulfilled throughout the entire project timeline. Also explore our additional services, including Warehouse Storage, Event Logistics Services, Exhibition Transportation Solutions and Military Moving Services. 

Project Cargo Logistics
Project Cargo Logistics

Felix Expo Logistics General Cargo Services 

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  1. Flexible Transport Options:
    Versatile transportation solutions for general cargo, utilizing air, sea, road, and rail modes. 
  2. Vehicle Shipping:
    Secure transport services for vehicles, offering both Full Container Load (FCL) and Roll-On/Roll-Off (RO/RO) options. 
  3. Heavy and Oversized Cargo Handling:
    Specialized expertise in transporting heavy and oversized cargo, ensuring safe and efficient delivery. 
  4. Container Load Variations:
    Handling of both Full and Part Container Loads (FCL/LCL) to accommodate diverse shipment sizes. 
  5. Efficient Import and Export Processing:
    Streamlined procedures for import and export, ensuring compliance and efficiency in customs processing. 
  6. Comprehensive Storage Solutions:
    Warehousing services tailored to general cargo, with options for storage and removal as needed.
  7. Secure General Cargo Storage:
    Organized and secure storage facilities dedicated to general cargo, providing flexibility for your inventory needs.

At Felix Expo, we excel in crafting tailored end-to-end solutions for project cargo by seamlessly integrating diverse transportation modes. Our commitment to full visibility and enhanced optimization ensures a comprehensive approach to your logistical challenges. Our comprehensive service package includes:

  • Project Cargo logistics including trucking of over-sized & heavy lift cargo.
  • Project Cargo shipping to various parts of the world utilizing heavy lift carriers, barges RoRo vessels, specialized carriers i.e. semi-submersible vessels and offshore support vessels.
  • Chartering – Time and Voyages charters.
  • Ship to ship (STS) transfers.
  • Aviation logistics and shipping – helicopter transfer for domestic & international destination.
  • Industrial & Power – Heavy machinery, transformer, turbine movement and on-foundation positioning.

Why Felix Expo for your Cargo Transport Service? 

  1. Seamless Multimodal Solutions:
    Experience the efficiency of our seamlessly integrated transportation modes.
  2. Real-time Visibility:
    Stay in control with our advanced tracking systems, offering full visibility throughout the shipping process.
  3. Tailored Precision:
    Enjoy personalized, end-to-end solutions crafted to meet your unique cargo requirements. 
  4. Global Connectivity:
    Leverage our extensive global network, connecting you to key transportation hubs worldwide. 
  5. Reliability at its Core:
    Rely on Felix Expo for timely deliveries and precise cargo handling, ensuring peace of mind. 
  6. Innovative Logistics:
    Embrace innovation with our cutting-edge technology, optimizing your cargo transport experience. 

Choose Felix Expo for a transport service that’s swift, reliable, and tailored to your cargo needs.