Felix Expo Logistics has established a facility in 2008 at Bandar Sunway, Selangor currently and a new upcoming facility at Central Petaling Jaya Head Quarter comprising 25,000 square feet for warehousing convenience. 

Complementing this facility is the cutting-edge Logistics & Transportation Management System (LTMS), enabling optimal control, handling, and tracking of goods in storage. Our interactive web-enabled service allows clients to easily track shipments, enhancing trade fair operations. Also explore our additional services, including General Cargo Services and Military Logistics Services. 

Our scope of management encompasses:

Facility Management
Our facilities are strategically located for easy access to trade fairs, with flexible options for size and type. We can either choose an existing site or create customized storage facilities to ensure optimal proximity and equipment availability.

Inventory Management
We can provide customized end-to-end inventory planning and replenishment services to meet your specific requirements. As a trusted partner, we optimize your inventory to reduce excess stock and lower logistics costs, ensuring efficient trade fair storage.

Materials Management
From the acquisition of spare parts & replacements to purchasing, ordering and quality control, we manage the process on your behalf to keep your business running smoothly.